Musher Question & Answer

How many years have you been running dogs?
6 years
How did you get started running dogs?

I started in 2014 working for Iditarod Veteran Billy Snodgrass in Wyoming.

What do you love most about running sled dogs?

 I love traveling with the dogs and being with them in the Wilderness. There is always something new to learn. Overcoming things together, as a team.

Why did you enter the Yukon Quest? What are your goals for the race?
I entered the YQ300 to learn and grow alongside my team. I hope to finish this race as a qualifier for the Yukon Quest 1,000 and the Iditarod. My goals are to finish with a happy and healthy team, to the best of our abilities.
How did your dogs get their names?/ How do you choose names?

Some are named after the Alaska Sweepstakes Race and some have an electric theme because of their mother, Electra.

What music do you listen to on the trail?

Last winter it was Radiohead, Queen, Jimi Hendrix, Blackwater Railroad, Infamous, String Dusters, Yonder Mountain String Band, Waylon Jennings, Trampled by Turtles or nothing at all.

Share a quick story about one of your indispensable Handlers

They are Lance Mackey's dogs that I have raised and trained since they were a few months old.

List recent sled dog races and/or best performances
2019 Alpine 65 - 7th; 2019 Solstice 50 - 18th; 2019 Eureka Lodge 156 - 8th.