Final Standings

2012 Race Results

PlaceMusherTime at FinishTotal Time dd:hh:mmOfficial Corrected TimeExperience
1Hugh Neff2012-02-14 05:14:009d 16h 59m9d 17h 5mVeteran
2Allen Moore2012-02-14 05:15:009d 17h 15m9d 17h 6mVeteran
3Lance Mackey2012-02-14 10:39:009d 21h 54m9d 22h 30mVeteran
4Jake Berkowitz(13)2012-02-14 12:31:009d 23h 55m10d 0h 22mRookie
5Brent Sass2012-02-14 21:24:0010d 8h 57m10d 9h 15mVeteran
6Joar Leifseth Ulsom(17)2012-02-14 22:33:0010d 9h 45m10d 10h 24mRookie
7Sonny Lindner(3)2012-02-14 22:47:0010d 10h 41m10d 10h 38mVeteran
8Abbie West2012-02-15 04:25:0010d 15h 25m10d 16h 16mVeteran
9Kristy Berington(2)2012-02-15 06:42:0010d 18h 39m10d 18h 33mRookie
10David Dalton2012-02-15 17:12:0011d 5h 3m11d 5h 3mVeteran
11Kyla Durham(7)2012-02-15 20:30:0011d 9h 10m11d 8h 21mVeteran
12Trent Herbst(22)2012-02-16 04:52:0011d 15h 49m11d 16h 43mRookie
13Gus Guenther(20)2012-02-16 09:06:0011d 20h 9m11d 20h 57mVeteran
14Paige Drobny(12)2012-02-16 09:26:0011d 20h 53m11d 21h 17mRookie
15Yuka Honda(19)2012-02-16 14:37:0012d 1h 43m12d 2h 28mRookie
16Brian Wilmshurst2012-02-17 00:33:0012d 12h 3m12d 12h 24mVeteran
17Misha Pedersen2012-02-17 01:30:0012d 13h 18m12d 13h 21mVeteran
18Marcelle Fressineau(15)2012-02-19 19:20:0015d 6h 38m15d 7h 11mRookie
19Michael Telpin(24)2012-02-19 20:05:0015d 7h 56mRookie

The Official Corrected Time can be calculated by subtracting the musher arrival time at the finish from the departure time of the LAST musher leaving the start.
Use Alaska time in these calculations.

Scratched Mushers

Jason Weitzel
Mike Ellis
Nikolay Ettyne
Maren Bradley

Disqualified Mushers

There are no disqualified mushers.

Withdrawn Mushers

Kurt Reich

2012 Special Awards