Final Standings

2010 Race Results

PlaceMusherTime at FinishTotal Time dd:hh:mmOfficial Corrected TimeExperience
1Hans Gatt(13)2010-02-15 13:35:009d 0h 59m9d 1h 26mVeteran
2Lance Mackey(11)2010-02-15 14:38:009d 2h 8m9d 2h 29mVeteran
3Hugh Neff(23)2010-02-15 16:18:009d 3h 12m9d 4h 9mVeteran
4Zack Steer(2)2010-02-16 03:58:009d 15h 55m9d 15h 49mVeteran
5Ken Anderson(17)2010-02-16 04:01:009d 15h 13m9d 15h 52mVeteran
6Sonny Lindner(20)2010-02-16 10:14:009d 21h 17m9d 22h 5mVeteran
7Joshua Cadzow(21)2010-02-16 13:18:0010d 0h 18m10d 1h 9mRookie
8Brent Sass(12)2010-02-16 16:01:0010d 3h 28m10d 3h 52mVeteran
9Abbie West(1)2010-02-16 21:45:0010d 9h 45m10d 9h 36mRookie
10Normand Casavant(10)2010-02-16 22:20:0010d 9h 53m10d 10h 11mVeteran
11Sam Deltour(4)2010-02-17 02:03:0010d 13h 54m10d 13h 54mRookie
12Dries Jacobs(22)2010-02-17 04:53:0010d 15h 50m10d 16h 44mRookie
13Mike Ellis(18)2010-02-17 09:38:0010d 20h 47m10d 21h 29mVeteran
14David Dalton(3)2010-02-17 12:46:0011d 0h 40m11d 0h 37mVeteran
15Kelley Griffin(15)2010-02-17 18:02:0012d 17h 47m11d 5h 53mVeteran
16Cindy Barrand(9)2010-02-17 23:21:0011d 10h 57m11d 11h 12mRookie
17Bart De Marie(14)2010-02-18 13:14:0012d 0h 35m12d 1h 5mRookie
18Peter Fleck(24)2010-02-18 15:22:0012d 2h 13m12d 3h 13mRookie
19Jennifer Raffaeli(16)2010-02-18 16:17:0012d 3h 32m12d 4h 8mRookie
20Katie Davis(6)2010-02-19 00:07:0012d 11h 52m12d 11h 58mRookie
21Pierre-Antoine Heritier(19)2010-02-19 08:20:0012d 19h 26m12d 20h 11mRookie
22Jocelyne LeBlanc(8)2010-02-19 21:37:0013d 9h 16m13d 9h 28mRookie

The Official Corrected Time can be calculated by subtracting the musher arrival time at the finish from the departure time of the LAST musher leaving the start.
Use Alaska time in these calculations.

Scratched Mushers

There are no scratched mushers.

Disqualified Mushers

There are no disqualified mushers.

Withdrawn Mushers

There are no withdrawn mushers.

2010 Special Awards