Final Standings

2008 Race Results

PlaceMusherTime at FinishTotal Time dd:hh:mmOfficial Corrected TimeExperience
1Lance Mackey(11)2008-02-20 01:23:0010:12:1410d 13h 14mVeteran
2Ken Anderson(20)2008-02-20 01:38:0010:12:2910d 13h 29mRookie
3David Dalton(22)2008-02-20 22:44:0011:09:3511d 10h 35mVeteran
4Michelle Phillips(3)2008-02-20 23:30:0011:10:2111d 11h 21mVeteran
5Brent Sass(8)2008-02-21 01:27:0011:12:1811d 13h 18mVeteran
6Kelley Griffin(18)2008-02-21 10:24:0011:21:1511d 22h 15mVeteran
7Hugh Neff(10)2008-02-21 10:33:0011:21:2411d 22h 24mVeteran
8Dan Kaduce(5)2008-02-21 16:48:0012:03:3912d 4h 39mVeteran
9Jean-denis Britten(7)2008-02-21 18:06:0012:04:5712d 5h 57mRookie
10William Pinkham(2)2008-02-21 22:21:0012:09:1212d 10h 12mVeteran
11Mike Ellis(23)2008-02-21 23:07:0012:09:5812d 10h 58mRookie
12Phil Joy(6)2008-02-22 11:16:0012:22:0712d 23h 7mRookie
13Ann Ledwidge(4)2008-02-23 09:21:0013:20:1213d 21h 12mRookie
14Bill Cotter(16)2008-02-23 09:49:0013:20:4013d 21h 40mVeteran
15Kyla Boivin(12)2008-02-23 17:26:0014:04:1714d 5h 17mVeteran

The Official Corrected Time can be calculated by subtracting the musher arrival time at the finish from the departure time of the LAST musher leaving the start.
Use Alaska time in these calculations.

Scratched Mushers

Didier Moggia2008-02-10 16:15:00
Bruce Milne2008-02-10 16:52:00
Paul Geoffrion2008-02-10 17:35:00
Frank Turner2008-02-10 18:09:00
Andreas Moser2008-02-10 18:42:00
Becca Moore2008-02-10 22:09:00
Julie Estey2008-02-12 18:29:00
Cor Guimond2008-02-16 21:32:00

Disqualified Mushers

There are no disqualified mushers.

Withdrawn Mushers

Donald Smidt2008-02-10 11:35:00

2008 Special Awards

Dawson Award - Lance Mackey
Lance Mackey won 4 oz. of Klondike placer gold, sponsored by Wendy & Joe Fellers of Fell-Hawk Placer in Dawson City. This award is presented to the first musher to reach Dawson City and finish the race.

The Dawson Award commemorates getting to the Klondike and completing the journey home.

Rookie of the Year Award - Ken Anderson
Ken Anderson took home this northern-made burl box inlaid with malachite and placer gold as the highest placing rookie Yukon Quest musher.

A rookie is any musher who has not completed a previous Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race.

Challenge of the North Award - Brent Sass
Brent Sass was given an Alaskan Eskimo artwork hanging, sponsored by Denali State Bank and presented to the musher who most exemplifies the Spirit of the Yukon Quest, as selected by the Race Officials.

Sportsmanship Award - Kelley Griffin
Kelley Griffin was selected by her fellow finishing mushers as the musher who demonstrates the most outstanding sportsmanship along the trail; Kelley received a carved wooden handled knife.

Veterinarian's Choice Award - Lance Mackey
Lance Mackey was recognized for his excellent canine care while remaining competitive throughout the race. He receives a $1,000 (US) certificate for veterinarian services (donated by Alpine Veterinary Medical Clinic (Whitehorse, YT) and Uncommon Journeys (Whitehorse, YT) plus a burl bowl etched with musher and dog.

Golden Harness Award - Lance Mackey
Handsome & Rev from Lance Mackey's team were fitted with custom-made golden harnesses, donated by Tanzilla Harness Supply, and perfectly prepared steaks, served by the High Country Inn's Chef, as the 2008 Champion lead dogs, in honour of their loyalty, endurance and perseverance throughout the race.

Red Lantern Award - Kyla Boivin
Kyla Boivin was the last official finisher and received a decorative red lantern sponsored by White Pass & Yukon Route and had her name added to the perpetual Yukon Quest Red Lantern.

The Red Lantern commemorates the tradition of keeping a light on for all mushers still out on the trail.