2019 Race Officials

2019 Race Officials

Doug Harris: Race Marshal


Race Marshal Doug Harris joins the Yukon Quest in his second consecutive year on the trail as Race Marshal. Doug is a former musher, Race Judge and Yukon Quest finisher who has competed in various mid-distance races around North America. Doug has also participated in long-distance dogsledding expeditions, retracing historic routes and visiting communities along the way. He enjoys seeing the trail, meeting new people and returning to the checkpoints each year. His calm demeanour and wide breadth of knowledge place him in good standing to deal with the challenges the Yukon Quest trail delivers. Welcome back, Doug!  


Barbara Moore - Race Judge 


Barbara had such a great experience serving as a Race Judge for the 2018 YQ300 that she is back on the Yukon Quest trail once again this year. Barbara is an Iditarod veteran and has competed in various other mid-distance races. She believes that the most important thing a musher can do while on the race trail is to take proper care of both the dogs and themselves. Her favorite memory is of the near photo-finish between several racers during last year’s YQ300, but Barbara also has some amusing memories of serving as a Race Judge in the past. “For some reason, male dogs seem to think that my leg is a pole to pee on."


Blaine Walden - Race Judge


Blaine brings 35 years of experience racing, guiding and recreationally running sled dogs to the trail in 2019. He maintains a kennel of 19 sled dogs at home. Blaine believes a good attitude and a sense of humour are essential attributes for a dog musher to have while racing. After serving as a Race Judge on the 2018 Yukon Quest, he looks forward to visiting with the mushers and seeing the rural communities along the trail once again.

Donna Russell-Swope - Race Judge

Jason Severs - Race Judge

Gerry Willomitzer - Race Judge

Amy Wright - Race Judge

More information coming soon.