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Michelle Phillips and her team of 12 dogs pulled up to the Carmacks Check Point on Sunday, February 12th at 2:17 PM. Phillips departed Braeburn at 3:03 AM and was flying towards time station 2 at Lake Mandanna, approximately 50 miles out. She arrived at Carmacks in good spirits, commenting on the great trail conditions, and prepped her team for their mandatory 6 hour rest. Phillips is several hours ahead of the other 250 and 450 mushers.

Connor McMahon is traveling at 9.4 mph from Mandanna, 19 miles out from Carmacks. Aiyanna O'Shaughnessy and Mille Porsild are approximately 24 miles out from Carmacks.

Follow our Live Tracker on our website to track the 250 and 450 mushers as they make their way into Carmacks.