The Yukon Quest International has made the decision to put on two separate races for the 2021 season, one in Alaska and one in Yukon.

After much discussion regarding the 2021 race season, the Joint Board of Directors made this decision based on a number of factors. As previously identified, the Alaska office is working to overcome their current financial situation. This has had a great impact on whether moving forward with a 1,000-mile race for 2021 is realistic.

“We’re working hard to find solutions for our financial situation,” says Dave Dalton, President, Alaska Board of Directors. “We’ve weighed what we can feasibly commit to for the 2021 race season and have determined that it makes the most sense to scale back this year and focus our efforts and resources on a shorter race in Alaska.”

As with many events in the world, the Yukon Quest has also been impacted by the effects of COVID-19 and faces uncertainty regarding border restrictions and other logistics necessary to put on a race.

“We’re not the only organization to feel the impacts of COVID-19,” says Bev Regier, President, Yukon Board of Directors. “Not only has this provided uncertainty regarding necessary logistics for the 1,000-mile race, but we also acknowledge that a number of sponsors have also been impacted and may not be able to support the race in 2021 the same way they have been able to do in past years.”

Both the Alaska and the Yukon Board of Directors are in the beginning planning stages of their respective 2021 races. The race distance, trail details and additional logistics will be released as they become available. Sign Up day has been postponed until September 2020.