Yukon Quest Alaska Relief Fund 2020

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The YQ Alaska office is in need of your help. As we embark on this new chapter within the office we are working on creating sustainable sources of revenue for the race. In addition to continued support from our current and future sponsors, and our regularly scheduled fundraisers, we are reaching out to explore new funding sources. As we move forward and look to our future, we are looking back to our core values and ideals that were laid out by our founders 37 years ago.

We'd love your support if you're able and thank you for considering us among all the important initiatives taking place right now. Click here to donate. 

Goal #1 = $2,000 USD

  • Office computers with Windows 10 or newer.

Our current office computers need to be replaced because their Windows program is no longer supported and the internal ram and hard drive space is too small to upgrade.

Goal # 2 = 6,000 USD

  • Office supplies needed to prepare for the 2021 Race

Goal #3 = $10,000 USD

  • E-Commerce site that is more user friendly with a wider range of merchandise.