Mushers drew their bibs for the YQ300 this afternoon, and the last two champions of the race will begin their familiar battle right out of the gate.
Yukon Quest fans likely remember the race between Michelle Phillips and Aliy Zirkle in the 2013 YQ300, when Phillips edged Zirkle by just eight seconds. The two will start the race in close company once again, as Phillips drew Bib #54 and Zirkle, the 2014 YQ300 champion, will follow right after with Bib #55.
Timofei Gynuntegin will be the first musher out of the chute, while Jim Bruton will be the final musher to hit the trail.
Nineteen mushers will start the YQ300 on Saturday, after four withdrew from the race this morning. Here is the full start list, with bib number:
51. Timofei Gynuntegin
52. Alyssa Quaile
53. Martine Le Levier
54. Michelle Phillips
55. Aliy Zirkle
56. Olaf Thurau
57. Dave King
58. Simi Morrison
59. Kim Franklin
60. Claudia Wickert
61. Jake Berkowitz
62. Alexandra Rochat
63. Marcelle Fressineau
64. Gaetan Pierrard
65. Peter Reuter
66. Melissa Schenke
67. Jacob Heigers
68. Alex Serdjukov
69. Jim Bruton
The 2015 YQ300 will start at 3pm on Saturday, February 7th at Shipyards Park in Whitehorse.