In the order they signed up in, one by one the 2018 mushers of the Yukon Quest 1,000 Mile International Sled Dog Race drew their starting position at the Start & Draw Banquet, taking the time to thank sponsors, handlers, family, and friends for their support.

Rookie Tim Pappas from Willow, Alaska earned a large cheer from the crowd when he drew a dog tag with the number one on it. Special acknowledgement was given to 1,000-mile finisher Matthew Failor as the young team Pappas will be running comes from Failor’s 17th Dog kennel.

The last musher to leave the chute will be Whitehorse veteran Luc Tweddell who kept his speech short, wishing all the mushers good luck during their race.

The full list of mushers and their bib numbers is as follows:

1. Tim Pappas
2. Torsten Kohnert
3. Claudia Wickert
4. Christine Roalofs
5. Rob Cooke
6. Jason Campeau
7. Matt Hall
8. Ryne Olson
9. Hugh Neff
10. Paige Drobny
11. Katherine Keith
12. Nathaniel Hamlyn
13. Laura Neese
14 Bernhard Schuchert
15. Riley Dyche
16. Jennifer Campeau
17. Dave Dalton
18. Mike Ellis
19. Ed Hopkins
20. Severin Cathry
21. Vebjorn Aishana Reitan
22. Ike Underwood
23. Allen Moore
24. Alex Beutow
25. Mark Stamm
26. Luc Tweddell