As we get closer to the 30th running of the Yukon Quest, the Alaska side wants you to stay warm as you watch the teams cross the finish line!

Join the 1,000 Mile Club! Not only will you get to sponsor one of our 1,000 Miles, but you'll also receive a Conqueror hooded jacket with fleece on the inside! The jacket includes a 1,000 Mile Club logo on the back with "Celebrating 30 Years of Racing", a custom embroidery of your name and sponsored mile on the front chest. You can admire the jacket in person at the Fairbanks store, or check it out here!

Along with the sponsored mile and jacket, 1,000 Mile Club members receive a 1,000 Mile Club pin, one member patch, inclusion on the mailing list for the e-newsletter 'Tugline', one vote at an Annual Meeting, and 10% discount on YQ merchandise.

The Yukon 2013 Memberships give you a chance to support at a variety of different levels: Individual, Family and Business. Click here for more information on these three memberships and the 1,000 Mile Club.

Still have some lingering questions?! The Fairbanks office will be happy to answer them, just call (907) 452-7954 or email

Remember, it takes 1,000 people to go 1,000 miles.....join us today!