Excellence in Sled Dog Care

"Establishing and maintaining high standards of care and promoting and rewarding excellence in canine care are core values of the Yukon Quest," explains Tania Simpson, Managing Director of the Alaska office of the Yukon Quest.  "We pride ourselves on our veterinary team and in the care they are able to provide on the trail and throughout the race.  The cooperative relationship between the Yukon Quest Veterinary Team and the mushers towards that goal is a priority throughout the 1,000-mile race."

Led by a highly experience Head Veterinarian, the Yukon Quest Veterinary Team works closely with Race Officials and the mushers to ensure that only the highest standards of care are met for the entire length of the race.  

Dr Vern Starks, Head Veterinarian in 2007 & 2008 shows his pride in the Yukon Quest Veterinary Team, "Veterinarians vie for a position on this highly-qualified team.  We have extremely high standards," says Starks.  The Veterinary Team "represents an untold number of hours caring for sled dogs in a variety of racing situations.  The dogs competing in the Yukon Quest receive the best care available to ensure they finish the race happy and healthy."