Day 8: Long Gone to Pelly

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Fresh off 36 hours of rest, competitors and their teams departed Dawson to tackle the longest leg of the race: 210 miles of Yukon trail, including King Solomon Dome and the Black Hills, with only trail camping and the Scroggie Creek Dog Drop for respite on their way to Pelly Crossing.

Cody Strathe and Allen Moore were the first departures of the day. Strathe at 12:21am with 13 dogs, Moore some 30 minutes later with 14. At day’s end, Strathe had about 10 miles on Moore on their way from Scroggie Creek to Stepping Stone.

Torsten Kohnert and Ryne Olson followed later this morning, at 9:01am and 10:21am PST, respectively. Both mushers had 11 on the line.

Nora Själin departed just before 7pm PST with dogs.

Up front, defending champion Brent Sass and veteran Yukon musher Michelle Phillips leapfrogged with the lead throughout the day. Phillips took the lead a little after 2am PST when Sass stopped to rest after tackling King Solomon Dome. Sass would retake the top spot shortly before 9am PST when Phillips stop to rest about 30 miles from Scroggie Creek. Phillips then once again claimed top spot when she passed the resting Team Sass again circa 3pm PST. At end of day, Sass had resumed the lead, 15 miles from Stepping Stone.

Cooke, Beattie, and Noddin are due to depart in the early hours tomorrow morning, followed by Dalton, Tingle and Webster in the afternoon.

Standings as of 12:00am PST:

  1. Brent Sass
  2. Michelle Phillips
  3. Cody Strathe
  4. Allen Moore
  5. Torsten Kohnert
  6. Ryne Olson
  7. Nora Själin
  8. Rob Cooke
  9. Richie Beattie
  10. Pat Noddin
  11. Dave Dalton
  12. Chase Tingle
  13. Olivia Webster

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