Day 7: Arrivals / Departures

Friday, February 7, 2020

The Dawson City checkpoint welcomed five teams over the course of the day, as those already across the line soaked up the remainder of their 36-hour rest. 

Nora Själin became this year’s first rookie to reach the halfway mark, making the line just before 7am PST. The Norwegian musher stated Eagle Summit was the biggest challenge of the first 500 miles, and said she was glad to see all the rookies were still in the race.

Next in circa 1pm PST were Rob Cooke and Richie Beattie. Cooke praised his team’s dependability through the challenging sections of trail thus far. His team assisted Beattie, after the fatigued musher was separated from his sled shortly before reaching the checkpoint.

Rookie musher Pat Noddin and veteran Dave Dalton at approximately 3:30pm PST and 9pm PST, respectively. Dalton named his stalwart leader Doc as the standout performer on his team for the first half of the race, and said he’s looking forward to a warmer second half.

Chase Tingle arrived moments after midnight, saying the trail so far has had a little bit of everything, and that having now seen it both ways in his two races, American Summit is nicer to tackle in the daylight.

Day’s end found current red lantern Olivia Webster some 30 miles from Dawson.

On the departures side of things, current leader Brent Sass rejoined the race at 5:43pm PST with 12 dogs, followed just over an hour later by Michelle Phillips and her 12. At close of day. the two had both crested King Solomon Dome and were separated by less than 10 miles.

Cody Strathe and Allen Moore are due return to the trail after midnight, with Torsten Kohnert and Ryne Olson to follow later in the morning.

Standings as of 12:00am PST:

  1. Brent Sass
  2. Michelle Phillips
  3. Cody Strathe
  4. Allen Moore
  5. Torsten Kohnert
  6. Ryne Olson
  7. Nora Själin
  8. Rob Cooke
  9. Richie Beattie
  10. Pat Noddin
  11. Dave Dalton
  12. Chase Tingle
  13. Olivia Webster

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