Day 4 Update

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

As of Tuesday evening all teams in the 1,000 Mile International Sled Dog Race left Circle, making their way to Eagle and, eventually, over the Canadian border to Dawson City.

Eagle checkpoint saw a lot of action over the course of the day, beginning at 4:28 in the morning with the arrival of frontrunner Brent Sass. Allen Moore and Hugh Neff arrived shortly after, and Sass came out of the checkpoint to take a look at his competition as they pulled in.

Just as they did in 2014, the community of Eagle came out to welcome former Eagle resident Matt Hall with open arms and cheers at 8:15am. There was joke among those who came out that he would have to do a second take when the kids arrived to school.

The four frontrunners, including Ed Hopkins and Torsten Kohnert, have all since left Eagle, making their way to Dawson City, with a rest or two along the way. Meanwhile, Tom Frode Johansen, Seth Barnes, Andrew Pace, Yuka Honda, Mike Ellis and Dave Dalton are all taking their mandatory four-hour layover at Eagle, to be joined shortly by husband and wife duo, Paige Drobny and Cody Strathe, who have been travelling together for the majority of the race thus far.

Trout Creek Hospitality Stop is quite packed as Luc Tweddell, Gaetan Pierrard, Laura Neese, Rob Cooke, Tore Albrightsen, and Sebastien Dos Santos Borges all take a rest before continuing on toward Eagle.

Siberian husky mushers, Tony Angelo and Hank DeBruin, continue to work their way up the trail from Slaven’s Roadhouse Dog Drop.

Quest leader Brent Sass currently holds a 15-mile lead as he rests at Clinton Creek.

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