Day 3: Circling Slaven’s

Monday, February 3, 2020

All eyes were on the Circle City checkpoint as Day 3 of the Yukon Quest began. Michelle Phillips was first in at 03:45AKST, followed by Brent Sass and Cody Strathe at around the 04:30 mark, and Allen Moore roughly an hour later. Phillips and her team of 13 were first to depart shortly after 10am, with the remainder of the leader pack back on trail by 11am, each with 14 dogs.

Phillips would go on to maintain top spot all the way into Slaven’s Roadhouse, arriving at approximately 6pm. At time of writing she, Sass, Strathe, Moore and Kohnert were all resting at the famed remote dog drop, with Ryne Olson soon to join them.

Further back, day’s end finds a handful of mushers in repose at the Circle checkpoint, and current Red Lantern Olivia Webster 16 miles out.

Today also brought the crowning of this year’s YQ300 champion. A thrilling neck-in-neck dash to the finish line in Central saw Fairbanks rookie Dave Turner edge out Two Rivers rookie Jeremy Traska by just 20 seconds!

Standings as of 11:59pm:

  1. Michelle Phillips
  2. Brent Sass
  3. Cody Strathe
  4. Allen Moore
  5. Torsten Kohnert
  6. Ryne Olson
  7. Norah Själin
  8. Denis Tremblay
  9. Jason Campeau
  10. Richie Beattie
  11. Pat Noddin
  12. Dave Dalton
  13. Rob Cooke
  14. Chase Tingle
  15. Olivia Webster