Day 13: Final Four

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Two teams across the line today, with four more on the way, as the 2020 Yukon Quest 1,000 Mile International Sled Dog Race nears completion.

Veteran musher Ryne Olson and her team of 10 crossed the line at 2:59am PST, finishing her fourth Yukon Quest in sixth place. Olson said her highlights of the race were the wildlife encounters with moose, caribou, and even a wolf. Asked about the gamesmanship between herself and fifth place Torsten Kohnert, Olson said he might have finished ahead but she’s grateful to him for all the trailbreaking. Standout dogs on her team this year were Elmer, Goblin and Cook.

This year’s top rookie honours were decided at 7:59pm PST when Swedish musher Nora Själin arrived in Whitehorse with 10 on the line. Själin was cheered in by this year’s winner, Brent Sass. Asked what she’s learned after her first Yukon Quest, Själin said “If I do it again I just need to be faster or slower so I get to see anything, because I’ve been mushing mostly in the dark.” Of the effects of the storm on the trail, Själin said “It was a lot of snow and it felt like all of it was on the trail,” but she was really impressed with how well her team handled it. Her dog Mathilda, in particular, was a standout throughout the race. Highlights of the race for Själin included the Black Hills in the moonlight, a wolf encounter out of McCabe Creek, and the gratitude she felt for the hospitality at Slaven’s Roadhouse and Scroggie Creek. “People [are] just out there for days and days so that I can do my ego trip over the mountains,” Själin joked.

Day’s end finds Richie Beattie poised to take eighth place, now within 15 miles of the finish line. Rob Cooke and Pat Noddin continue to rest their teams in Braeburn in preparation for the final 100 miles, and current red lantern Olivia Webster is within 45 miles of Braeburn.

Join us for tomorrow’s arrivals at the Whitehorse finish line located at Shipyards Park and Meet the Mushers from 6pm to 10pm at the Mt. McIntyre Rec Centre.

Standings as of 12:00am PST:

  1. Brent Sass - FINAL
  2. Michelle Phillips - FINAL
  3. Cody Strathe - FINAL
  4. Allen Moore - FINAL
  5. Torsten Kohnert - FINAL
  6. Ryne Olson - FINAL
  7. Nora Själin - FINAL
  8. Richie Beattie
  9. Rob Cooke
  10. Pat Noddin
  11. Olivia Webster
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