Day 11: Stormy Weather

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

With wind and snow kicking up throughout the day, six more mushers crossed the finish line, two more are on their way, two are poised to depart, and the rest of the field waits out a winter storm engulfing Eagle and Rosebud summits.

After Paige Drobny clinched sixth place just after midnight, the next mushers back were on the move out of Two Rivers. Denis Tremblay’s 40-minute jump on Torsten Kohnert didn’t prove enough, as the veteran Swede poured it on to pass Tremblay within the last 20 miles to cross the finish line in seventh.

Jessie Royer arrived in Fairbanks at 16:06 AKST to claim ninth, and last year’s Red Lantern, Nathaniel Hamlyn, made the finish line at 19:15 to make the top 10 in just his second year. Hamlyn said there was a little bit of everything this year, and he was glad he was able to call on the lessons learned in last year's race not to panic and how to be calm. “It’s a long race. Stop and catch your breath,” Hamlyn said.

Eleventh place went to Quest veteran Ryne Olson, who reached Fairbanks at 21:38  AKST. Referring to the wind and snow, Olson laughed, “Who would have thought the last 15 miles would have been the hardest?”

Cody Strathe and Brian Wilmshurst will be the next mushers to cross the line, 27 and 53 miles out at close of day.

Plenty of action on Eagle and Rosebud Summits today. Dave Dalton and Martin Apayauq Reitan were just ahead of the worst of the Eagle Summit squalls, but had some whiteout to contend with on Rosebud. Both were in Two Rivers by 19:30 AKST, meaning they can be on their way to Fairbanks by 03:30 AKST tomorrow morning when their mandatory 8-hour layover is satisfied.

A stalled Jason Biasetti convoyed with Rob Cooke, Andy Pace and Deke Naaktgeboren on their Eagle Summit ascent circa 08:30 AKST, all four opting to wait out the weather at Mile 101, where they remain.

Back at Central, mush hour was in effect, as the remainder of the field arrived and thought better of attempting the summits until the weather breaks.

Final and current standings as of 11:00 p.m. AKST:

  1. Brent Sass - FINAL
  2. Hans Gatt - FINAL
  3. Allen Moore - FINAL
  4. Michelle Phillips - FINAL
  5. Matt Hall - FINAL
  6. Paige Drobny - FINAL
  7. Torsten Kohnert- FINAL
  8. Denis Tremblay - FINAL
  9. Jessie Royer - FINAL
  10. Nathaniel Hamlyn - FINAL
  11. Ryne Olson - FINAL
  12. Cody Strathe
  13. Brian Wilmshurst
  14. Dave Dalton
  15. Martin Apayauq Reitan
  16. Curt Perano
  17. Deke Naaktgeboren
  18. Jason Biasetti
  19. Andy Pace
  20. Rob Cooke
  21. Misha Wiljes
  22. Jim Lanier
  23. Chase Tingle
  24. Isabelle Travadon
  25. Remy Leduc
  26. Laura Allaway
  27. Hendrik Stachnau