Current Race Conditions

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The warming trend over the last ten days has obviously had an impact on the trail conditions throughout Alaska and the Yukon. Most of us need only look to our back yard to see this. Consequently, our trail teams on both sides of the border have remained in the field for an extended time. I expect the Alaska team to be back in town by tomorrow night, Sunday the 26th. Expect a detailed report after that.

A few things to keep in mind for the coming week as the temperatures continue to fluctuate:
-There have been absolutely no discussions to cancel or delay the race. Nor are any planned. The race will start on February 1st.
-As conditions warrant, the start location could possibly be moved or modified.
-As conditions warrant, the trail may be re-routed. This is nothing new and has happened several times over the years. We will give you as much prior notice as possible if this occurs.
-Conditions are changing daily, we will adapt as necessary.

The organization is fully aware of the concerns all interested parties have regarding the rapidly changing conditions. It is difficult to remain patient in times like this, but please be assured that we are utilizing all of our assets to plan for any given contingencies.

Doug Grilliot
Race Marshal
2014 Yukon Quest

Doug Grilliot, Race Marshal