Assistant Race Manager Position

Friday, September 18, 2015

Yukon Quest International Association (Yukon, Canada) is looking for an Assistant Race Manager to join our team for the 2016 race.

About this Job

The Assistant Race Manager will provide logistical assistance to the Race Manager for the development, coordination, and management of all logistics required for the successful production of the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race within the Yukon.

The Assistant Race Manager will work in close cooperation with and take direction from the Race Manager to accomplish these tasks.

The Assistant Race Manager position is by contract with the Yukon Quest International Association (Canada) (YQIA), reporting directly to the YQIA Executive Director, as stated in the Assistant Race Manager’s contract.

Knowledge of the sport of sled dog racing as to trail, safety, dog care, musher needs, cold weather survival, long distance sled dog racing, and the Official Yukon Quest Rules are required. Familiarity with the Yukon Quest organizational structure including the relationship between the Boards of Directors, the roles of volunteers, sponsors, media, the race team and the general public is desired.

The contract is expected to be fulfilled between October and Mid March as follows (may vary): Oct-Nov: weekly check-ins. Dec: two full weeks, Jan-Feb: Full time, Mar: Final reporting due.

This is in addition to the following list of duties and responsibilities (PLEASE EMAIL US FOR A COMPLETE OVERVIEW OF DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES):


Maintain current awareness of trail conditions; determine and secure any necessary permission, permits and/or releases for use of Federal, First Nations, Territorial, Municipal and private property


Confirm all Yukon Checkpoints, ensure all Checkpoint requirements are met; Identify, train and manage Checkpoint managers for each Checkpoint; work and train volunteers as needed; Establish and manage a working relationship with the people and facilities in all Yukon race Checkpoints and Dog Drops; Maintain paper work and feedback forms; Arrange for transportation, food and housing for all race personnel as required; Develop and implement a planned Sweep program post-race; Conduct final cleanup of Dawson Dog Yard (Campground) area after spring thaw and pre camp season.


Secure aviation fuel at Dawson City airport; Secure “Day-light operations permit and/or permission” for Dawson City airport; Establish pilot and equipment shuttle services as required; Establish veterinary shuttle service to and from veterinary base at the Dawson City dog yard.


Establish communication at Yukon Checkpoints and Dog Drops; Establish communication networks along the Yukon trail Checkpoints & Dog Drops; Confirm contact numbers for each Checkpoint; Secure means to establish high-speed internet connections at Yukon Checkpoints.


Ensure successful operation of the Whitehorse Food Drop; Secure volunteer work force; Organize receipt, inventory, and preparations for shipping of food drop bags; Ensure proper labeling and documentation; Ensure import regulations and permits are in place for food drop border crossings; Arrange for transportation of food drop bags; Ensure that all food drop bags are secure, safely transported to each Yukon Checkpoint and remain in a frozen; Secure and arrange for straw and methanol supply and delivery; Plan for post-race provisions and/or shipment for unclaimed food drop bags.


Establish the Finish Line facilities; Work with Manager to ensure all volunteers receive proper training; Obtain any necessary permits and clearances for the Finish Line; Coordinate the logistical flow of dog teams as they come in.


Establish check lists for all race related projects; Assist the Race Manager in the creation of all necessary materials for race management; Keep written records of all Yukon Quest related activities; Support YQIA office staff in clarifying budgetary reports for race expenses.

8. Maintain consistent and reliable communications with all Team Leads before, during and after the race; Support the Race Marshal in every way possible during the race; assist in arranging for transportation; Be available to all mushers from the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race.

9. Be prepared to be available upon request of YQIA Executive Director to meet with the general public, media, sponsors, volunteers, etc. Make every effort to attend all Official Yukon Quest events.

10. Follow the established race budget as directed by the Race Manager.

11. Submit a Final Race Report (both hard copy and electronic) by March 15, 2016 to the Race Manager. The Final Race Report will include a summary of all activities conducted during the term of the contract, a listing of any outstanding issues, recommendations for modifications to Yukon Quest procedures and/or race budgeting to improve the overall quality, efficiency and management of the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race.

All applications must be received before Sep 30, 2015.

For questions, or to submit a resume, please contact:

Natalie Haltrich