Armchair Musher: Up Your Quest Game

Saturday, February 2, 2019

So my friends, by now hopefully everyone has “liked” the Yukon Quest on FB, and you have the Yukon Quest Tracker (link will be available on the homepage once the mushers get going) ready to go. If you are a Twitterer? Tweeter? And obviously I am not; do whatever you do to follow the Quest on Twitter.

But what else can you do to up your Quest following game you ask? Well may I suggest:

  • Read the race rules.
    Seriously, many questions people have about what is happening in the race are answered in the rules. And it is a common misconception that this information is secret. Ha! Everything is public, and available for anyone to read on the Quest website. There is also the Mushers and Handlers Package, and that is just packed with valuable information about how the race is run. So do yourself a favor and take a look at both, and then as the race progresses and the teams are on the trail you will know more about what is going on.
  • Meet the Mushers.
    For some the race is more fun if you have a team or teams you are cheering for. So if you do not have one already, take a few minutes between hitting the refresh button on the tracker get to know a bit more about the men and women involved. Check out the mushers websites, blogs, and Facebook pages. Added benefit, although the mushers themselves are a bit too busy to be posting online (with the possible exception of Dawson) some will have people posting on their sites. It can be a lot of fun to get the scoop on what is going on from the handlers or kennels point of view.
Jodi Bailey