2-10-2019 9:57 AM

Well for the leaders it is the beginning of the end of the race, but there is still lots of race left to play out, so don’t stop watching yet!

We all saw Brent pass through Central last night, he has made his move. Not a bad move to be made at all, of you look back at his history he camped well past where the teams around him did, setting him up for this. Looking at some of the teams now I might guess that Denis and Paige are setting up for the same. Both have been running very solid races and just based on what the Trackers show are in a good position to make the same move with strong teams late in the race. And mushers like Jessie and Hans have really good speed, they may be overtaking folks right at the end. Although there are not a lot of people in front of Hans to take.

Looking further back Martin and Brian seem to be staying close, remains to see how that will play out. But it is looking better and better for Martin to earn the Rookie of the Year. And Dave has left Slaven’s earlier then the group around him, and so we will see how that shakes things up.

There are some great opportunities to view teams on the trail as they make their way to Fairbanks, and thanks to the Trackers you can monitor teams and know when they will be getting close to the good viewing spots. Photographers are in luck, the weather is nice and you should be able to get great photos. If you are interested in seeing teams in action here is a nice guide “Where to Watch the Race” Guide. If you have the chance to, please get out and cheer on ALL the teams. From personal experience I can tell you the teams in the middle and back of the race are working just as hard as the leaders and encouragement means just as much to them as they near the end of this challenging adventure.

I have had a few people ask about this year’s purse,  so let’s  take a look at the breakdown (which is listed in the Race Rules)

10. Prize Money (U.S. Currency):

Following is the breakdown of prize money pay-out by percentage.

1. 18.93%            4. 8.92%               7. 5.95%               10. 3.78%            13. 2.70%

2. 13.52%            5. 7.84%               8. 4.86%               11. 3.51%            14. 2.43%

3. 10.81%            6. 7.03%               9. 4.32%               12. 3.24%            15. 2.16%

The 2019 purse will be announced prior to opening day sign-up on August 4, 2018.

This year they announces that mushers on the 2019 Yukon Quest 1,000 Mile International Sled Dog Race are be competing for a minimum purse of $115,000 USD. So 115000 X .1893 = 21,769.50 for first place. And since math is not my jam, I will let y’all figure out the rest ;)

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