The YQ550 is still on, although we deeply regret to announce that the race cannot start in Tok as planned.  This is due to a recent report from our Trailbreakers that the Taylor Highway is impassable.  The severe and unusual series of storms we experienced last month have severely impacted conditions and made travel in some areas impossible.  


The Board of Directors has decided that the race must go on and to implement a Plan B; the race will now start on February 5th at 3:00pm in Circle.  The route will go Circle-Eagle-Circle-Central-Mile 101-Two Rivers for a Fairbanks finish and will be approximately 535 miles.  The YQ200 will not change; it will start in Circle on February 8th at 3:00pm as planned. 


We strongly discourage any fans from attempting to go to Circle for the start of either race. The starts will be closed to spectators out of respect for the community of Circle and continued COVID-19 mitigation measures.  Fans are encouraged to be at the finish line in Fairbanks to cheer our mushers and to get banquet tickets before they sell out.  Details on all changes will be forthcoming as we work to make the necessary adjustments.  


The Yukon Quest is truly grateful to the communities of Tok and Chicken for their eagerness to be part of this year's race and for the hard work they put into preparation. While we are saddened by this unavoidable change in plans, we are grateful for the relationships built and hope to continue them in years to come.