2016 YQ300 Start Order

Friday, February 5, 2016

The 2016 YQ300 will feature one of the largest fields in years, starting in Fairbanks with a total of 23 mushers hitting the trail.

With many races being cancelled this year due to weather conditions, the YQ300 is an important qualifier for mushers vying for spots in larger races in the future.
A cool, calm and collected 1,000 mile veteran, Aliy Zirkle, pulled the first spot while Meredith Mapes will be the final musher to hit the trail. 

Here is the full start list for the YQ300, with bib numbers:

51. Aliy Zirkle
52. Otto Balogh
53. Chase Tingle
54. Joanna Jagow
55. Benjamin Good
56. Jason Mackey
57. Olaf Thurau
58. Ryne Olson
59. Mary Helwig
60. Dr. Joe Carson
61. Patrick Mackey
62. Jessie Holmes
63. Maliko Ubl
64. Fabian Schmitz
65. Shaynee Traska
66. Melissa Stewart
67. Tim Muto
68. Stephanie Ehlenfeldt
69. John Dixon
70. Lia Amundsen
71. Giordano Tarara
72. Josh Skerritt
73. Meredith Mapes

The 2016 YQ300 will start at 3pm on Saturday, February 6th on the river side of the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitor Center in Fairbanks.