2014 Spirit of the Quest

Friday, October 11, 2013

2014 Yukon Quest Race Poster

Leila Javadi-Babreh


Oil on canvas, Fibonacci handmade framing. 

I studied art in Warwickshire, England.

The main emphasis of my work is to encourage movement and expression within a figurative form. Using both the familiarity of fine art, complemented with a more fluent and free modern way of painting. To get the full emotion in to any illustration I believe you have to have some experience of what it is you are painting. The very inspiration for this piece came about due to the time I had spent handling for Rookie of the Year, Scott Smith in 2013, and the previous season racing Bill Cotter’s kennel, also a Quest winner in 1985.

After handling for Red Dog Racing in this year’s Quest, it was fantastic to see the dogs’ boundless energy leaving each check point. This particular painting is based on the arrival at Mile 101 after (I am sure the fans will remember) the teams triumph over a stormy, unforgiving Eagle summit.

Porter began to bark, before long they were all howling, pulling, lunging ready to go again...fuelled with excitement from the mountain, determined to finish...

….Full of Spirit.

The scene begins from the left as a line sketch, an idea…much like the Quest, an idea, slowly becoming a reality into a competitive 1,000 mile race.

Then it actualises, as the dogs become more prominent, the storm thickens, but their excitement does not fade…just as the financial pressures and modern restrictions thicken each winter, still the organisers, volunteers and fans determination does not fade...

…Full of Spirit.

For me, as an artist, Quest fan and having worked and raced for three years with Alaskan sled dogs in aim of one day signing the poster as a musher, it is this ‘spirit’ that shines through more so than any other race… you don’t race the quest for fame or money… each musher has their own reasons… but you can be sure they all start with the unexplainable bond when musher and dogs become one.
A magical, energetic scene – embodying the 'SPIRIT OF THE QUEST'.

Visit www.leilajavadi-babreh.com for more information about this artist.