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  • Louve Tweddell Arrives at Dawson City on February 16th. Photo by Crystal Schick.
    Louve Tweddell Arrives at Dawson City on February 16th. Photo by Crystal Schick.

After Michelle Phillip's commanding win in the YQ450 in the early hours of February 15th, Mille Porsild and her team crossed the finish line twelve hours later at 1:10 PM.

Mille finished with 8 dogs.

Mayla Hill of Elevation Sled Dogs was the third to arrive in Dawson City. She crossed the finish line at 8:22 PM with 8 dogs. This was Mayla's longest race to date. "We're ready to do 500 more miles," she said at the finish line.

Aaron Peck was an hour behind reaching with a time of 9:13 PM and 10 dogs. He commented on the stellar Yukon hospitality at all of the check points and time stations, particularly in Stepping Stone. Aaron told our media team a story about what he thought was a moose walking down the trail towards his team. "A dog barked and I saw what looked like a moose, but then I saw the headlamp and realized it was someone doing the Arctic Ultra." This was the first year the Ultra and Quest overlapped and mushers shared the trail with athletes.

Early on the morning of February 16th, Louve Tweddell pulled into the finish line at 5:41 AM with 7 dogs. She had a big smile on her face and was greeted by her family, including YQ100 winner, Luc Tweddell, and her twin sister, Lori, who helped out as a handler. This was Louve's longest race to date. 

Connor McMahon drove into the finish at 7:42 AM with 7 dogs. Race marshal Jerry Joinson was waiting with the red lantern, an award given to the musher who finishes in last place. It's symbolic of mental fortitude and perseverance. McMahon arrived with the northern lights dancing over Dawson.

Congratulations to all of the YQ450 mushers for finishing! Tonight everyone will gather to celebrate in Dawson.