Day 5: Eagle to Dawson

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Dawson City acquitted itself well as the first Canadian checkpoint on this year’s Yukon Quest, gracefully setting its local temperature to 40 below— where Fahrenheit and Celsius meet— to remove the pesky need for conversion for our international fans.

A cheering crowd braved the cold to greet the relaxed looking Allen Moore at 7:30pm PST. Moore was grateful for what he called an “uneventful” trip over American Summit, encountering no wind or snow, and noted that since 13 of the 14 dogs in his team are leaders, he’s been able to keep them in constant rotation throughout the race thus far.

Asked about his confidence level for hanging on to first place for the next half of the race, Moore said, “I've been first here before and been beat by 26 seconds. If things keep going the way they are I'll have a good chance. But there is 500 more miles to go and anything can happen.”

Moore said his 36 hours will be spent “sleeping and eating as much as much as possible, to try to get good and rested for the next half."

Fifty miles back, second place Paige Drobny arrived at the Clinton Creek Hospitality around 3:30pm PST, two hours after Moore had departed for Dawson but two and a half hours ahead of third place Matt Hall. Both would take significant rests, heading out for Dawson together a little after 10pm PST. They are expected to reach the checkpoint in the early morning hours of Day 6.

Vebjorn Aishana Reitan had an excellent run from Eagle, passing Laura Neese before stopping to camp just shy of Clinton Creek.

By day’s end, sixth place Ed Hopkins was closing in on Clinton Creek 20 miles out, Torsten Kohnert in seventh with a bested American Summit behind him, and Hugh Neff, Bernhard Schuchert and Jason Campeau just finishing their descents. Schuchert had a particularly good day on the runners, moving up from 14th up to ninth.

At the back of the pack, Dave Dalton was nearing the peak of American Summit, while Red Lantern Jennifer Campeau opted to rest before beginning her ascent.

Standings as of 11:59pm:

  1. Allen Moore
  2. Paige Drobny
  3. Matt Hall
  4. Laura Neese
  5. Vebjorn Aishana Reitan
  6. Ed Hopkins
  7. Torsten Kohnert
  8. Hugh Neff
  9. Bernhard Schuchert
  10. Jason Campeau
  11. Nathaniel Hamlyn
  12. Tim Pappas
  13. Claudia Wickert
  14. Luc Tweddell
  15. Severin Cathry
  16. Alex Buetow
  17. Rob Cooke
  18. Riley Dyche
  19. Dave Dalton
  20. Jennifer Campeau