Yukon Quest Boards Elect Two New Members

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Yukon Quest 1,000 Mile International Sled Dog Race recently held its Yukon and Alaska AGMs, in Whitehorse and Fairbanks, respectively.

The Alaska AGM was held in Fairbanks on May 31st where they elected one new director to their Board of Directors. Scott Chesney joins Bill McDonald, Emily Vaughan, Susan McDonald, Nancy Flannery, Ryan Hughes, John Dixon and Musher Representative Andrew Pace on the board.

Having been a supporter since 1986, Chesney has been involved in the Yukon Quest in various capacities including being a past Alaska board Secretary and President from 1994 to 1997, being a part of the Official Visual Content Team in 2012 and 2016 and providing much of his time and resources in support of the race. His experience with the race will be an asset to the board.

The Yukon Board also elected new board member Nicole Horlbeck at their AGM which was held in Whitehorse, Yukon on May 16th. Horlbeck has gotten to know much of the Yukon Quest family over the years in her role as the Rooms Division Manager of the Coast High Country Inn in Whitehorse where she has ensured the best accommodation for the Yukon Quest race teams. Nicole is a past Yukon Quest volunteer and looks forward to becoming more involved bringing plenty of logistics, project management and public relations experience to the table. 

During a Special Meeting of the Membership in December 2016, Secretary Virginia Sarrazin and Directors Jean-Marc Champeval and Jill Peterson also joined the Yukon board.

Originally from France, but having called Canada home for 17 years, Sarrazin brings strong management skills and a wide knowledge of the dog mushing sport to the organization having organized numerous recreational races and being involved on dog powered sports related Boards. 

YQ300 finisher Jean-Marc Champeval brings a background of entrepreneurship and business sense to the Board. He currently works as a Budget and Finance Analyst for the Yukon Government and owned and managed numerous businesses in Whitehorse and France where he is originally from.

Decade-long Yukon Quest volunteer and long-time resident of Victoria BC, Jill Peterson, brings a background of writing and business sense to the Board. She is recently retired from the BC Provincial Government where she was a financial policy advisor. Jill has volunteered at the Pelly Crossing Checkpoint for many years and is committed to building excellence in dog care within the organization. 

The four new board members join President Michael Peterson, Vice President Elisabeth Weigand, Treasurer Sabine Morehouse, and Directors Bev Regier, and Dylan Soo. Jason Campeau joins the board as the Musher Representative after being appointed by the Finisher Club and elected at the AGM.

The Yukon Quest would like to thank out-going board members Heike Fiedler-Phelps, Judy Beaumont, and Briana Mackay and wish them the very best in future endeavors.