Insights from an Armchair Musher

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Written 1:30 am

Several teams, which I expect to be leaders later in this race, rested thirty miles short of the Braeburn checkpoint in minus thirty-degree temperatures. These guys; Redington Jr., Sass, Strathe, Hall, Neff and Hopkins, might spend their next rest stop contemplating this decision.

Think about your decision as you pace around your spike camp somewhere on the Chain of Lakes - trying to stay warm in the minus forty-five chill. You have fourteen dogs bedded on that handful of straw you threw on your sled in the fifteen minutes they stood waiting for you to load a food drop on the sled. Your dogs are tough. But… you just took a couple ounces of extra body fat off of them.

Remember what Jeff King said a few years back during the Iditarod; (Lance beat him that year), “I’m treating them like fine china.” Jeff, Allen and Joar are sitting on a full bale of straw and next to a hot water faucet in Braeburn. Let’s see how that plays out?

John Schandelmeier