2015 Poster Artwork

Monday, January 26, 2015


"I wanted to convey the vastness of the landscape and the quiet solitude of musher and their dogs, travelling with just the sound of the runners on snow and the dogs, along with the incredible beauty of the dogs, which belies their amazing athletic strength, stamina and grace. To quote the Quest “it’s all about the dogs”. I hope I have managed to capture a part of this wonderful race in the poster and pay tribute to these incredible canine athletes; it has been a real honour to be a tiny part of this fantastic event!"

Lesley Howarth

I took my first commissions for animal portraits while I was studying at college and it continued from there. As I developed more experience and experimented with different mediums I came to love pastels and these are now the main medium I work with. Currently residing in the northwest of England, UK with my wonderfully supportive husband, our young son, and four Siberian Huskies. We got our first Siberian Husky in 1998 and one ended up as two, then three…