Day 7: Eagle Hospitality

Friday, February 8, 2019

Eagle checkpoint spent the day showing some great hospitality to several teams of the 2019 race, while the Dawson City checkpoint closed for another year.

The final departures after the 36-hour layover in Dawson City took place this morning, with Chase Tingle kicking things off at 1:18am PST followed by Hendrik Stachnau and his Greenlanders at 1:48am PST. Both Jim Lanier and Laura Allaway dropped a dog in Dawson before hitting the trail at 1:55am PST and 3:24am PST, respectively. Remy Leduc made his way out of the chute at 6:55am PST.

Lots of action at the Eagle checkpoint early in the morning with the departures and arrivals of teams. The frontrunners took off out of Eagle early in the morning with Allen Moore leading. He, along with Brent Sass, Michelle Phillips and Hans Gatt continue to be in a tight race as they get nearer to Circle. When asked about it, Sass said each team is adapting to their run/rest schedules and he figures they'll be leapfrogging for the rest of the race.

Paige Drobny, Matt Hall, Denis Tremblay, Ryne Olson, Torsten Kohnert, and Nathaniel Hamyln were all in and out of Eagle today after completing their mandatory four-hour layover. They are all on the trail, spread out between Eagle and Slaven’s Dog Drop. Continuing to serve their mandatory layover in Eagle is Martin Apayauq Reitan, Jessie Royer and Brian Wilmshurst. Upon his arrival, Wilmshurst announced “the defending hot dog eating champion has arrived!”

Deke Naaktgeboren, Curt Perano, Jason Biasetti, Rob Cooke, Andrew Pace, Dave Dalton, Isabelle Travadon and Misha Wiljes are all still enroute to Eagle with those teams who left this morning.

Lisbet Norris was the third scratch of the race in Dawson City, citing the best interest of her team as the deciding factor.

Standings as of 9pm AK:

  1. Allen Moore
  2. Brent Sass
  3. Hans Gatt
  4. Michelle Phillips
  5. Paige Drobny
  6. Denis Tremblay
  7. Matt Hall
  8. Ryne Olson
  9. Torsten Kohnert
  10. Nathaniel Hamlyn
  11. Martin Apayauq Reitan
  12. Jessie Royer
  13. Cody Strathe
  14. Brian Wilmshurst
  15. Deke Naaktgeboren
  16. Curt Perano
  17. Jason Biasetti
  18. Rob Cooke
  19. Andy Pace
  20. Dave Dalton
  21. Isabelle Travadon
  22. Misha Wiljes
  23. Chase Tingle
  24. Jim Lanier
  25. Hendrik Stachnau
  26. Laura Allaway
  27. Remy Leduc