Final Standings

2013 Race Results

PlaceMusherTime at FinishTotal Time dd:hh:mmOfficial Corrected TimeExperience
1Allen Moore2013-02-11 06:54:008d 18h 39mVeteran
2Hugh Neff(4)2013-02-11 08:10:008d 19h 55mVeteran
3Brent Sass2013-02-11 17:49:009d 5h 34mVeteran
4Jake Berkowitz(20)2013-02-11 19:03:009d 6h 48mVeteran
5Scott Smith(23)2013-02-12 03:55:009d 15h 40mRookie
6Markus Ingebretsen(2)2013-02-12 12:51:0010d 0h 36mRookie
7Normand Casavant2013-02-12 14:11:0010d 1h 56mVeteran
8Abbie West(17)2013-02-12 18:57:0010d 6h 42mVeteran
9Dan Kaduce(15)2013-02-12 21:58:0010d 9h 43mVeteran
10Susan Rogan(10)2013-02-13 01:42:0010d 13h 27mRookie
11Ed Hopkins(25)2013-02-13 07:20:0010d 19h 5mVeteran
12David Dalton2013-02-13 08:54:0010d 20h 39mVeteran
13Crispin Studer(26)2013-02-13 11:33:0010d 23h 18mVeteran
14Denis Tremblay(13)2013-02-13 15:05:0011d 2h 50mRookie
15Cody Strathe2013-02-13 17:56:0011d 5h 41mVeteran
16Darrin Lee(24)2013-02-13 20:08:0011d 7h 53mRookie
17Brian Wilmshurst2013-02-14 00:56:0011d 12h 41mVeteran
18Rob Cooke(3)2013-02-14 04:50:0011d 16h 35mRookie
19Matthew Failor(14)2013-02-14 17:50:0012d 5h 35mRookie
20Dyan Bergen(19)2013-02-15 17:18:0013d 5h 3mRookie

The Official Corrected Time can be calculated by subtracting the musher arrival time at the finish from the departure time of the LAST musher leaving the start.
Use Alaska time in these calculations.

Scratched Mushers

There are no scratched mushers.

Disqualified Mushers

There are no disqualified mushers.

Withdrawn Mushers

There are no withdrawn mushers.

2013 Special Awards