Final Standings

2006 Race Results

PlaceMusherTotal Time dd:hh:mmSpeedTime Between CheckpointsTime In Checkpoints
1Lance Mackey10:07:473.846:08:573:22:50
2Hans Gatt10:08:593.826:15:393:17:20
3William Kleedehn10:09:053.826:06:144:02:51
4David Dalton10:20:083.666:18:064:02:02
5Gerry Willomitzer10:21:153.647:00:463:20:29
6Sebastian Schnuelle11:02:313.577:07:153:19:16
7Kelley Griffin11:07:543.507:12:073:19:47
8Michelle Phillips11:09:103.487:16:463:16:24
9Richie Beattie12:02:063.288:01:374:00:29
10Wayne Hall12:18:223.108:07:284:10:54
11Regina Wycoff13:17:572.889:07:264:10:31

2006 Special Awards

The Golden Harness went to Lance Mackey's lead dogs, Hobo Jim and Larry. Each year golden colored harnesses and steaks are given to the winning team's lead dogs in honor of their loyalty, endurance and perseverance throughout the race.

A wood carving of a howling dog was presented to Wayne Hall for the Sportsmanship Award. Fellow mushers vote on who they believe demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship along the trail.

The Challenge of the North Award is given to the musher whom race officials believe most exemplifies the "Spirit of the Yukon Quest." This year it went to Regina Wycoff. She was also awarded the Red Lantern for being the last musher to cross the finish line.

The Vet's Choice Award went to William Kleedehn who, in the opinion of the race vets, demonstrated outstanding dog care during the entire race.

The Dawson Award for the first musher to make it to Dawson City, the races mid-point, and who goes on to finish the race went to Lance Mackey. Mackey received 4 ounces of Klondike placer gold.

Rookie of the Year honors went to Richie Beattie as the first rookie to reach the finish line.