Final Standings

2004 Race Results

PlaceMusherTotal Time dd:hh:mmSpeedTime Between CheckpointsTime In Checkpoints
1Hans Gatt10:17:543.986:13:344:04:20
2Zack Steer11:02:323.856:20:034:06:29
3David Dalton11:11:483.727:01:174:10:31
4Peter Ledwidge11:17:513.647:10:294:07:22
5Frank Turner11:18:083.646:18:424:23:26
6Dan Kaduce11:19:063.627:02:024:17:04
7John Schandelmeier12:00:583.557:08:584:16:00
8Michelle Phillips12:02:463.536:23:345:03:12
9Thomas Tetz12:02:493.537:05:534:20:56
10Sebastian Schnuelle12:03:413.526:20:225:07:19
11Kelly Griffin12:07:393.477:10:474:20:52
12Gerry Willomitzer12:13:173.417:11:355:01:42
13Catherine Pinard12:22:163.317:14:365:07:40
14Marcel Marin13:04:043.257:20:315:07:33
15Eric Butcher13:12:173.168:05:205:06:57
16Jennifer Cochran13:12:593.168:09:175:03:42
17Agata Franczak13:13:323.157:21:315:16:01
18Crispin Studer13:14:123.158:07:375:06:35
19Bruce Milne13:23:293.069:03:264:20:03
20Tom Benson14:03:093.038:16:165:10:53

2004 Special Awards

Golden Harness Award -- Custom-made harnesses (donated by Tanzilla Harness Supply) and steaks (donated by High Country Inn) were given to the winning team's lead dogs, in honour of their loyalty, endurance and perseverance throughout the race. Winner: Havana & Felix (Hans Gatt's winning lead dogs . Havana led for almost the entire 2004 race, and was given the 2003 Yukon Quest Golden Harness Award last year! Congratulations Havana!!)

Dawson Award -- 4 oz. of Klondike placer gold (donated by Wendy & Joe Fellers, of Dawson City) was presented to the first musher to arrive in Dawson City, who went on to become an official finisher. The Dawson Award commemorates "getting to the Klondike and completing the journey home." Winner: Hans Gatt

Rookie of the Year Award -- A fur hat presented to the highest placing rookie musher. A "rookie" is defined as any musher in the race who has not reached Dawson City in a previous Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race. Winner: Zack Steer

Kiwanis Award -- A plaque presented to the first musher to cross the International Border between the United States and Canada, who becomes an official finisher. This award commemorates the International bond and co-operation between residents of the North. Winner: Zack Steer (Zack commented that he may well have won this award twice, as he turned his team around "near the border" when he temporarily lost the trail!)

Challenge of the North Award -- Crystal Artwork (Crafted by Craig Cheledinas) presented to the musher who most exemplifies the "Spirit of the Yukon Quest", as selected by the Race Officials. Winner: Marcel Marin (a rookie musher from Yellowknife, NWT, Canada)

Sportsmanship Award -- $500.00 and an Apocalypse Design, beaver-fur lined, musher's-style hat (donated by Williams Alaska Petroleum). Presented to the musher who demonstrates outstanding sportsmanship along the trail, as selected by their fellow mushers. Winner: Thomas Tetz

Vet's Choice Award -- A burl bowl etched with a musher and dog "face-to-face". Chosen by the Trail Veterinarian Team and presented to the musher who best demonstrates outstanding dog care during the entire race. Winner: David Dalton (David brought all 14 of his starting team's dogs to a very successful 3rd place finish!)

Red Lantern Award -- An authentic railway red lantern (donated by White Pass & Yukon Route - Whitehorse) presented to the last official finisher in the race. The Red Lantern commemorates the tradition of "keeping a light on" for all mushers still out on the trail. Winner: Tom Benson (a rookie musher from Wyoming, who finished with the fastest Red Lantern time in the history of the Yukon Quest!)

Non-finishing Mushers: Trevor Braun, Rod Boyce, Kyla Boivin, Mark May, Eric Nicolier, Gwen Holdmann, Emil Inauen, Jack Berry, Terry Asbury, Paul Geoffrion, William Kleedehn