2017 Race Officials


Fabian Schmitz: 2017 Race Marshal

Fox Lake, YT


Fabian has over ten years of varied experience with the Yukon Quest, including handling, mushing, racing, and serving as an Operations Manager and Race Judge. He started out guiding with a number of outfitters in BC and the Yukon Territory. He now has his own kennel and has raced a variety of mid-distance races, including the YQ300. His time as Yukon Operations Manager gives him a unique perspective into the importance of teamwork. He looks forward to bringing his common sense and problem solving skills with him as he ensures fair and equal treatment to all participants, while keeping the safety of people and dogs as his highest priority. His ability to ask for help and advice, as well as his sense of humor, will accompany him all the way down the trail. 


2017 Race Judges


Devan Currier

Fairbanks, AK

Devan brings 21 years of experience raising and running sled dogs in Alaska. He still has 16 dogs in training and six retired sled dogs. In addition to his annual Caribou hunting trip north of the Brooks Range, he is a 2002 and 2004 Iditarod Finisher, and has run many mid-distance races around Alaska. He has helped put in trail and worked at the Two Rivers checkpoint in past years. We welcome his years of experience and racing knowledge and are looking forward to him being a part of the Officials Team.

Wayne Hall

Eagle, AK

Wayne returns as a Race Judge this year bringing over 24 years of experience as a musher, making his living doing professional expeditions and dog tours. He is a three time Yukon Quest finisher and currently has 54 working dogs and six retired dogs. Living in Eagle, Alaska, one of our checkpoints, he is also a trailbreaker in that area. It is a family affair, his wife Scarlett is the Checkpoint Manager and son Matt, is in this year’s race. A Positive attitude and positive energy with your team is the most important thing to him.

Matt McHugh

Dawson City, YT

Matt has been working with sled dogs for 10 years and has 14 adults and 7 pups. This will be his first experience as a Race Official and he is looking forward to seeing the race from a different perspective and being a part of the Officials Team. Having ran in the Percy De Wolf Race from Dawson to Eagle and back, he is excited to see the rest of the trail. With his good spirits, he is hoping to help mushers be healthy and happy and have a well looked after dog team.

Simi Morrison

Carcross, YT

Simi has participated in numerous mid-distance races to include the YQ300, since she started running dogs 14 years ago. Her kennel currently has 21 sled dogs, six of them retired and live on the sofa. She has been a checkpoint volunteer and was on the Board of Directors in the Yukon. Simi is hopes her experience and knowledge as a musher and her personal race experience will make her a valuable member of the Officials Team. She is looking forward to seeing all the teams as their race develops and they overcome challenges on their journey.


Tom Randall

Whitehorse, YT

Tom’s experience dates back to breaking trail for the first Yukon Quest in 1984. In 15 years and over 20,000 miles on the back of a dog sled, his most favorite memory was in 1988, when he crossed the finish line in Whitehorse becoming a Yukon Quest finisher. He has been Trail Manager in the Yukon, President of the International Council, and the Yukon Board of Directors. He is excited to help again as the YQ300 Race Marshal. He has always felt the most important thing to a musher is being able to judge the condition of their team and assess their needs, putting them ahead of their own goals.

Luc Tweddell

Mendenhall, YT

Luc has been running dogs for 23 years and ran the Yukon Quest in 2009 and finished in 12th place in 2016. His kennel includes 28 sled dogs and numerous other animals and pets. His most enjoyable experience last year on the trail was at the Clinton Creek Hospitality Stop. Luc is looking forward to working with the mushers to help them keep themselves and their dogs happy and healthy while doing this within the limits of their team. This will be his first experience as a Race Judge and he is excited to be part of this great team.

Abbie West

Two Rivers, AK

Abbie is a three time, Top Ten Yukon Quest Finisher, placing 9th her rookie year. She was the 2011 Sales & Events Manager for the Alaska organization and has volunteered at Checkpoints. Abbie has also run the Iditarod and most major races in Alaska and the Yukon. She still has her core group of race dogs but mostly skijors now. In 2012, finishing in Whitehorse she remembers, “the finish seemed so anticlimactic for such an epic run, but actually it was perfect. It was a moment to celebrate with my dogs. That’s what it’s all about, you and your dogs, achieving a dream.”